It is my desire to have a place where I can send people so that I may share with them some of my writings, especially my recipes.

> Cooking feeds the body; Learning feeds the mind; Poetry feeds the soul.

My Father use to lament the fact that he allowed all of his People to slip into eternity and they took all those great recipes with them. He said that all that he would have had to do was ask and they would have gladly shared anything that they knew, especially about cooking. It is my desire that this blog address his lament.

I hope that you find this blog useful, and if so, please be so kind as to leave a comment. It will help me to know if I am doing any good.

I think, and hope, that the blog is laid out so that you will not have any trouble navigating. Please feel to copy and share the recipes. The poems as you might expect have copyright. Which I think means that you may share, but only if you give me credit. Please feel free to do that also.

Peace and Goodwill.