I should have majored in communication.
If the most important thing in life is relationships,
than the next most important thing would be,
I don’t communicate very well.
I find myself signing on to little battles,
when quite frankly, I don’t even like to fight.
Even if I did, these little battles are so piss-ant,
so small,
even if I won, it wouldn’t mean a hill of beans.
And they eat up my time
which is to say, the stuff of life.
They eat up my life.
As does all strife, and friction.
The engine wears out because of friction.
I don’t want to fight.
I want to live and love and laugh.
Not all the time,
but most of the time.
I can’t seem to get that across.
As time slips to loss.
And the pounding pummels my head.
In a moment we’ll all be dead.
Let’s don’t fight.
Forgive me now my trespasses,
and if ye owe me any, then I forgive thee.
Would that I could communicate
and lay my burdens down
and watch the sunsets with wonder
with someone like__________. hint: Starts with a J.