I saw Jesus today
I was turning right on High Street
It is right past Rock Street
which is just past Battery
(I wonder why we don’t have an Assault Street)
But I was going to say
I saw Jesus today.
He was right there in the sky.
Two big tall billowing clouds had parted
and the Sun was shining through
The Son was right there in the middle
I wished I had had a camera
He was standing there with his out stretched arms
his beard and robe were perfect.
I imagined that I heard him say:
“Come unto me all ye that labor
and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”
That sounded good.
I could use some rest.
But I had errands to run . . .
I had to get to Sam’s and buy some plates
and Orange Juice and biscuits and things.
I headed right on High
and merged onto I-630.
I looked into my rearview mirror
the clouds parted and He was gone.