We need an amendment to the U.S. Constition.

Not to change it, I think, but to clarify what it already says.

The Founding Fathers were very clear

about who has the power to Declare Wa.

That power is fully vested in The U.S. Congress.

The Congress should not be able to abdicate that responsibility

and bequeath it to The President as if it were a gift.

The President has the responsibility to execute, or prosecute, a war.

The President is, at all times, Commander-in-Chief.

Congress alone has the capacity to: Declare War.

The President can not, legally, Declare War any more than he

can judge a law. It isn’t within the perimeters of his or her office.

And Congress should not be able to toss that responsibility

like a hot potato to The President any more than The Judiciary

can abdicate responsibility for interpreting laws.

 It was reasonably determined that it should take an Act of Congress

for the United Stated of America to be muddied by the awful

necessity of War. It was a strategic, vital, element of what we

call Checks and Balances. It would require a Group of Men,

rather than One Man to Declare War. This was one of the clear

lines of delineation from England and King George. Without

that Declaration, it could be reasonable argued that there

should be no engagement. It should be illegal, I think, for the

United States to be involved in a war which has not been

declared by the U.S.Congress, with one exception,  Imminent Treat.

In 1973, in an attempt to clarify this very issue, for The Constitution is specific,

Congress passed “The War Powers Resolution” which did give The President

the temporary Authority to commit troops temporarily under “specific” conditions

of “imminent’ threat and only for a very brief period, not exceeding 60 days, but granting

 another thirty days if  The President “certifies to the Congress in writing that unavoidable military necessity respecting the safety of United States ArmedForces requires the continued use of such forces in the course of bringing about the prompt removal of such forces.”

For further illumination read The U.S. Constitution; Article

One, Section Eight.

The Federalist Papers number Sixty-Nine and number Twenty-Four.

The Joint Resolution Concerning the War Power of Congress and the President of 1973.

I feel strongly about this.

No single person should have the prerogative, nor responsibility

of putting our troops in harms way.

But if We, As a People, deliberately reason otherwise, than

we should change The U.S. Constitution, with an Amendment.