She sported two black eyes
like prized tattoos.
Hit me again she said.
So I hit her hard across the face
with the back of my hand
careful not to hurt my knuckles
for I needed my hands to earn my living
and I still needed to put two sons through college.
Her head went back and blood splattered
through the air in slow motion.
A strange laughter escaped her lips.
She looked to be intoxicated.
Come on big boy, hit me like you mean it.
Don’t hold back.
Don’t worry about them pretty boy hands.
Hit me like this.
I didn’t see it coming.
She slapped me hard across my face.
As a reflex, I hit her full fisted, as hard as I could.
Her head snapped back.
I heard bones crack.

I woke up startled to the phone ringing.
The ceiling fan spinning.
Hello, I said.
It was her.
What are you doing? Still asleep?
No, not now I said.
I made you some coffee.
It is nice and strong.
Come get you some.
I told her I’d be right over.
I threw on some clothes
hopped in the car
and headed towards her flat.
Wondering what it all meant.
If anything.