The daytime faded into another lonesome night.
There were no channels which interested me.
No book could hold my attention.
They all felt like the night air – cold.
I searched on line for something to do;
something to learn, to feel, to know.
But nothing could hold my attention.
I walked outside beside the lake
and tried to think,
but the cold wind
chased me back in,
back inside to pace.
I knew I could drink but I didn’t want to.
Even that had no luster this night.
Then, out of nowhere
she calls me on the phone.
I was glad to hear her voice.
Glad that she would be able to hear
for herself that my speech wasn’t slurred.
She said she just called
to see if I would answer the phone.
I have no idea what that meant.
She said she had to run,
but that she was going to call me right back.
She asked me if I would answer again.
I told her of course I would.
I hung up the phone.
It never rang again.
The cold went clear to my bones,
and stayed there.